Is this Website Static?

The url of this page is /faq/ApplicationElasticObjectsOrg.html. This looks static. But it's dynamic with a spring boot mvc web end point defined in

By the RequestMapping "/examples/{selectedItem:.+}" the createFaqPage method is triggered which calls the createPage method. Here on the server side a new EO object is created and set some parameters like selectedItem or roles.

Core parameter when execute EO is the call ≡TemplateResourceCall with the template ContentPage.html for rendering.

application builder org

The same EO object can be send by the generic interface by a post method. At the end of each page the code and the used elements/configuration for this are under "This Page Elements".

This site is an application example for an application documentation where practicability of EO will be checked.

This Page Elements
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Post Method:
Page-Template: ≡ContentPage.html
Header: Header.html
Navigation: ≡faq_Nav.html
Content: ApplicationsElasticObjectsOrg.html
Footer: Footer.html
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