The log for V0.8.0.

Target of this version to complete the java generation of the classes, so focus will on the builder module.


Finished a first refactoring of the Templates to generate base classes out of the eo.xlsx

The following classes are generated now in parts.

  • Call as Interface
  • null as configuration with final parts
  • AnObject as example bean
The call directives are embedded in the target file as comments. This allows to use it instead of a template and edit individual content outside the generated parts.

The following start templates were used to generate the java classes

The basic call class will need some time to a final version. But the main problem to get and merge field information are working.

To map elementary field values like "final" with a boolean value to a special final string value in the target java world there are calls like

Think these call approach allows some readable template without too much logic to make them unreadable. The same if one want to set macic values by the call Think that the template parts like ALLInstanceVars.tpl are fairly readable.


Started 0.9.0.

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